Communal Living in Russia: Photos
Apartment III. Common Areas and Rooms: A corner of Alla's room
  In the room of the woman from the clip "The Archangel Michael," Tour 5. 2006.
  Basic Facts and Background
  When: 2006

Where: One of the rooms in a midsized apartment in the center of St. Petersburg.

What: It is interesting that Alla Ignatevna, whose room this is, has not put her icons together in an icon case (in the "red" or icon corner). It is not clear why she has displayed them in this non-traditional manner, but it can be noted that icon corners were always situated in the eastern corner of a room, while in this room that corner is taken up by the door, near which she has hung sketches of the archangels Michael and Gabriel, details from the decoration for a church. See the clip "The Archangel Michael," Tour 5. It is possible that this in some way is meant to compensate for the break with tradition.

There is yet another non-traditional detail: the icons here hang alongside the photographic portraits of this woman's relatives (better seen in the photograph "Mantelpiece, table, icons.")

On the left side above her desk, we see a portrait of this woman in her youth. Several of the objects on her desk seem to be antiques: the clock and the bronze lamp (but with a contemporary shade) are clearly of another era—either these have been handed down, or they were purchased in an antique shop.

Sitting at her desk, this resident reads religious and historical literature, jots down quotations from books, writes out prayers by hand, and writes notes and letters. The card with the number 10 next to the clock on the shelf is for paying the cell-phone bill.

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