Communal Living in Russia: Photos
Archive: Kitchens: Kitchen and smoking room
  A place for people to smoke by the back staircase; view from the kitchen. See the same view nine years later. 1997.
  Basic Facts and Background
  When: 1997

Where: A large apartment in the prestigious center of St. Petersburg, with more than fifteen tenants.

What: A view from the kitchen onto a small space in front of the exit to the back staircase (the service staircase). Two chairs are meant for smokers. Those who don't smoke in their own rooms come out here; people bring their guests out here to smoke. Those who live in the far end of the apartment use the landing of the main staircase as an alternative smoking place.

On the windowsill we see two stones. These are used as weights for salting cabbage in a jar.

An empty liter vodka bottle is on the floor beside one of the tables.

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