Communal Living in Russia: Photos
Apartment VI. Common Areas and Rooms: In front of the staircase and elevator
  Mailboxes and a recess in the entryway of the building where Marina and Lena live. (Clips "Over a Cup of Tea" and "Who Lived Here Before the Revolution?" in Tour 5). 2007.
  Basic Facts and Background
  When: Spring 2007

Where: The entryway of a building in one of the prestigious neighborhoods of St. Petersburg, where most of the residential buildings were built in the early twentieth century. This building is the home of Lena and Marina from the clips "Over a Cup of Tea" and "Who Lived Here Before the Revolution?" (Tour 5).

What: Traces remain from an elegant and well-maintained lobby, described by Marina, a young resident of a communal apartment in the building in clip "Carpeting on the Staircase" (Tour 8).

In the background you can see one of two recesses where the potted palms from Marina's story once stood. A blue triangle remains from the last time the lobby was painted: mailboxes used to hang here, so the wall behind them was unpainted.

To the right of this area is the staircase and elevator.

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