Communal Living in Russia: Photos
Photographs from other apartments: A little girl at the door to her room
  A little girl plays without supervision in a communal hallway full of things. 2007.
  Basic Facts and Background
  When: February 2007

Where: The hallway of a large communal apartment on the outskirts of one of the central districts of Saint Petersburg.

Who: Laura, a one-and-a-half-year-old girl who lives here with her parents.

What: Laura plays freely in the hallway, and not only next to the door to the room where she lives. Here she has climbed onto the laundry basket.

Hanging on the door which the residents have renovated themselves with plywood panels (there may have been glass in this doors previously), there is a bag for holding slippers, designed to look like a large felt slip-on. The writing on it says "Make Yourselves At Home."

There are three different wires next to the door which the residents have run into their room: one is for the telephone extension (upper left), one is for electricity (upper right), and one is the television antenna cable (lower right).

To the left and covered with a curtain are a clothes rack and a shelf for shoes, as well as an electric heater. The fact that residents are not afraid to leave these things in the hall attests to the trust and good relations among neighbors.

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