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Three scenes of communal apartment life in the 1950s from the feature film "Five Evenings," reproduced here by permission of Mosfilm movie studio. Director Nikita Mikhalkov, screenplay by A. Volodin, 1978.
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[Tamara (the resident of the room) is talking with a guest who is hardly visible in this scene. There is a knock at the door.]

Tamara: Please come in.

Elderly female neighbor: (to Tamara's guest) Hello. Hello, Tomochka.

Elderly male neighbor: Good evening.

Tamara: Good evening.

Elderly female neighbor: You're not watching? Excuse us, then, we were just wondering who the anchor was today —Ninochka or Valechka?

Tamara: Please, please, come in.

Elderly female neighbor: Thank you. May we? Thank you.

Elderly male neighbor (to Tamara's guest): I'm not blocking your view, am I?

Tamara (to her guest): I'm the only one in the apartment who has a television, so I have the others over to watch.

Television anchor: In recent days, all across the country, a new consumer trend has taken hold among young people...


Slava (sings): Nadya Kovrova will say three words...

Radio: About the movement of the third Soviet artificial satellite around the Earth...

Slava: Food.

Radio: Since the middle of September, the third Soviet satellite has once again become visible over the territory of the USSR. A total of seventy viewing and twenty-six photographic stations in the USSR have been observing the satellite...

Katya: Yesterday I was walking across the little park...

Slava: Katyusha, Katyusha, that's not ours, what are you doing?!

Katya: Oops!

Slava: Over here.

Katya: So I was saying...

Slava: You were saying..?

Katya: Yesterday I was walking across the little park.

Slava: Okay.

Katya: And a female sparrow was dragging a male sparrow along by its wing. Probably he cheated on her. What do you think?


Elderly female neighbor: May we?

Slava: Oh yes, please. Hello.

Elderly female neighbor: Hello.

Elderly male neighbor: Hello.

Elderly female neighbor: Oh dear, we thought for some reason that you were watching.

Slava: Please, please, come in. We're just running a little bit behind here... come in.

Elderly female neighbor: Thank you very much.

Slava: Just a moment. Here you go.

Elderly female neighbor: Thank you.

Elderly male neighbor: Thank you very much.

[Slava goes over to the other side of the room where Katya is waiting for him.]

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