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Of the two kitchen sinks, this is the one without hot water. 2006.
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When: 2006

Where: The kitchen of a large communal apartment, home to more than 20 people, in a prestigious district in the center of St. Petersburg.

What: Toiletries, including shampoo and a toothbrush, are kept in the same place as plates, forks, knives, sunflower oil, etc., because this sink by the kitchen table is used for a variety of purposes.

Note the mat hanging on a hook over the sink. Usually pots, bowls, and basins are not placed directly in the sink, but rather on a mat like this one so that the outside of the pots and bowls do not get dirty from direct contact with the sink and do not leave marks on the sink's enamel surface. There are similar mats over the sink in other apartments, for example, here.

This same sink appears in the photograph showing the child's toilet seat hanging on the kitchen wall.

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