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Part of the interior of a room: a table, couch, rug, wall hooks, cabinet, boxes. 1997.
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When: December 1997

Where: A midsized communal apartment on Shpalernaya St., in a prestigious part of St. Petersburg. A room shared by Volodya and his mother Rozaliya Yurievna, Ilya's informants; we hear their voices in a number of audio recordings: "A nail and a sweater," "Helping out vs. privacy: somebody else's visitor," and "Switching oranges."

What: A tight space, holding a couch, a table, bookshelves, a hanging rack and a cabinet that partially blocks the entrance to the room. On top of the cabinet are cardboard boxes from cassette tapes, connected with Volodya's hobby of collecting jazz recordings. The purpose of the boxes is not clear: most likely, they are used for storing objects or clothes.

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