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A kitchen shows remnants of the past. The history of the apartment is discussed in the interview "The apartment long ago." 1998.
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When: 1998

Where: The kitchen of a large apartment in a prestigious neighborhood in the center of St. Petersburg.

What: The round flue cover in the wall is left over from the time when there was a wood stove here (gas lines were laid in the early 1950s). The kitchen cabinet between two modern gas stoves and the shelves over them have also been here for a very long time, at least since our informant's childhood (the late 1930s). She tells us about this apartment and its former residents in several audio clips. Her stories include what used to be here, about the apartment's original resident, who hid in the attic, about how many tenants there were, and where they were from, and also about how happily everyone lived together when they didn't think about money.

Our museum has no other visual materials from this apartment.

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