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Part of the interior of a room that some tenants are renting from other tenants. 1997.
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When: 1997

Where: A midsized apartment in a central part of Petersburg, on the Petrograd Side. Four families live in the apartment.

What: The people officially registered to this room don't live here. Other co-tenants have rented it from them, so that their student-daughter, Veronika, doesn't have to live in one room together with her mother and stepfather. The furniture and decor are far from comfortable, showing that this space is unimportant and temporary. A naked bulb is not often seen now in communal apartment rooms. On the table we see a child's jacket, belonging to Veronika's little brother; right behind the cabinet, whose back is decorated with a carpet and which separates the door from the remainder of the room, is a sewing machine. Veronika's mother comes here to sew and iron.

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