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This room has a door to the balcony which, according to the person who lives in it, makes the neighbors envious. 1997.
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When: December 1997

Where: A midsized communal apartment on Shpalernaya St., in a prestigious part of St. Petersburg. A room shared by Volodya and his mother Rozaliya Yurievna, Ilya's informants; we hear their voices in a number of audio recordings: "A nail and a sweater," "Helping out vs. privacy: somebody else's visitor," and "Switching oranges."

What: The apartment is on the top (sixth) floor of the building. The bay windows to the side of the balcony door and above it create an arch in art nouveau style. The balcony comes up in the interview, when the interviewer asks whether the co-tenants are envious. The co-tenants are envious of Volodya and Rozaliya Yurievna's balcony.

To the right of the cabinet is Volodya's silhouette.

The television is hooked up to an antenna in the room; you can see the rabbit's ears in the photograph. Next to the television we see an electric iron, its cord wound up around it. On the balcony is a plant. The balcony door is ajar; it's probably summer.

There are double doors to the balcony as well as double windows, a typical feature of Petersburg architecture. On the handle of the second, outside balcony door is a string bag.

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