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The entrance hall of this apartment is registered as a cultural monument, protected by the government. 1997.
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When: 1997

Where: A large apartment in a prestigious neighborhood in the historic center of St. Petersburg.

What: This entryway is protected by the government. This apartment is shown in the clip "Kamila, Lena, and Yulya" (Tour 5); the photo "Wallpaper and an old-fashioned electric cord," shows a close-up photo of a piece of the wallpaper. The interview "The Oldest Tenant Remembers" (Tour 8) contains an account of how this space was preserved.

The black-and-white photography and apparent lack of clutter in the frame give the impression of an almost museum-like cleanliness and order. The impression is only partly accurate. Several panes of glass are missing from the doors (knocked out a few weeks before the photo shoot by the impact of human bodies during a fight between a resident who is a drunkard and his guests). There are boxes on the cabinet, and the cabinet doors do not close all the way.

No one made any special preparations for this photo shoot in 1997, and this was also the case five years later, when the amount of clutter in this entryway had increased.

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