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The common area cleaning schedule is posted on the kitchen wall. It mentions "newcomers," among other residents. Apartment from Tours 1 and 2. 2007.
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When: 2007

Where: The kitchen of the large apartment in a prestigious neighborhood in the center of St. Petersburg shown in Tours 1 and 2.

What: This wall in the kitchen is used as a bulletin board: payment calculations for the electric and telephone bills are posted here, as is the common area cleaning schedule. See the clip on cleaning the common areas "Who Pays and Cleans?" (Tour 2) and read "Cleaning duty."

In order to simplify matters, the residents tried hanging a calendar and writing over each week the first or last names of those responsible for cleaning the common areas. However, at some point it seemed more convenient to draw up the schedule on a sheet of notebook paper. On the sheet of paper we see first names (Tanya, Masha, Vanya), the last name Krukov and the designation "newcomers." "Newcomers" refers to the young couple renting a room here; they are temporary residents who have recently moved into the apartment.

Where names have been crossed out, the people in question have switched weeks with someone else or have paid someone to clean the common areas when their turn comes. This mode of participating in the shared cleaning is now quite widespread, and is used fairly often, not only by temporary residents, but also by long-term ones.

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