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On the door to the bathroom is an appeal to residents not to use the bathroom at night, as the person who posted the note lives in the room next door. 2000.
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From eleven in the evening until seven in the morning quiet must be respected in a communal apartment. Hence the request not to bathe or do laundry after eleven p.m., as the wall between the bathroom and the nearest room where people live is not soundproof. When residents do laundry, the splashing of water is audible, as is the clattering of the basin. The sound of the bolt sliding into place is like a gunshot in the night and the light switch makes a clicking sound when the light is turned on and off. Surely people can bathe by eleven at night. After a bath or shower, the bather must clean the tub with laundry powder and rinse it with the shower head, and the floor must be wiped!

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