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If you don't have a match, you can light the stove by taking a sliver of wood and using the flame in the hot water heater.
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Grandma: Did I take the matches?

Grandma: Listen, what about the old... You didn't develop it? You didn't print it? What happened?

Grandma: Is that a movie camera?

Ilya: Uhuh.

Grandma: Oh, it's going to repeat everything I do.

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When: 1998

Where: The kitchen of a large communal apartment in one of the central districts of St. Petersburg.

Who: Elizaveta Vikentevna, who, with some breaks, lived in this apartment from 1924 until her death in 1999.

What: In the early 1990s, when it was often hard to buy matches, lighting a cigarette from the water heater or using a piece of paper or sliver of wood to light the stove from there was an ordinary activity. At the time this was filmed, matches were readily available. But Elizaveta Vikentevna liked to keep wooden sticks in the drawer of her kitchen table. When she didn't find a match in her pocket, she would take a stick and light the stove from the flame of the water heater.