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After a thief got into the apartment, money was collected for a new lock.
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Sveta: For example, not long ago thieves broke into the apartment, into our room. It was at night, but my neighbor Anya heard them. She scared them and they ran off. She didn't see them. After that we all decided to put in a new lock and a new key. And as a result, well, that was a collective decision, and we all shared the cost of the lock.

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When: 2006

Where: A midsized apartment in a prestigious district of St. Petersburg.

Who: Sveta, a student living in this apartment in a room that she rents together with Anya.

What: It is interesting that both temporary residents of this apartment (Sveta, Anya, and one more young woman from the clip "No Hallway, No Bath Either") and permanent ones chipped in to buy a new lock. Usually money for repairs is collected from permanent residents only; temporary residents, who are renting from other people, do not participate.

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