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Objects in the so-called "empty" (uninhabited) room, left by residents for "temporary" storage.
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[there is no dialogue in this clip]

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Apartment I floor plan
Floor plan of the apartment from Tours 1-2 (all clips), home to "auntie" Asya, Ekaterina Sergeevna, Masha, Sveta, and Natasha. 2006.

Cabinets and clutter in the entryway
Junk on top of cabinets in front of the entrance to the "empty" room (Tours 1 & 2). An earlier photo shows fewer things. The storage units, locked, hold clothing. The cartons are of recent origin. 2007.

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When: 2000

Where: A large apartment in a prestigious neighborhood of St. Petersburg, also seen in the clips of Tours 1 and 2.

What: The common storage room, whose history and contents can be seen in the clip "The Empty Room," which was filmed six years later.

This room is also a good place to smoke; we see an armchair and a jar used as an ashtray, full of cigarette butts.

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