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In the hallway one can see where the apartment phone used to hang. 2006.
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When: 2006

Where: The midsized apartment in a prestigious neighborhood in the center of St. Petersburg shown in the clips "We Laughed and Cried," "Jew Rugs" and "Edik the Cabinetmaker" (Tour 5).

What: The place in the hallway where the shared apartment telephone used to be. Scraps of paper with telephone numbers written down on them and various receipts were tucked behind the wire. Now each room has its own phone extension.

On top of the clock is a model ship made by Lena's father, see clips "We Laughed and Cried" and "Jew Rugs" (Tour 5).

A great variety of things belonging to tenants are seen in the hallways of communal apartments, usually things which no one really needs. However, some items, like this clock, are antique display pieces. In this case, the placement of the object indicates that this is a "nice" apartment: here the neighbors are on good terms and no one worries about leaving an heirloom in the hallway.

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